Support your child’s immune system this winter

We can all feel a little sluggish after the Christmas holidays, with lots of sitting around and eating, so the New Year is the perfect time for you and your family to start off the year on the right foot.

In the same way, kids can feel sluggish too, so any extra support that can be given, in addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is always welcome.

Getting in more activity for the family during the week isn’t always easy, evenings are short and with homework and activities, there never seems to be enough time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, everyone is in the same boat, instead, try to pencil things in at the weekend. The weather has been quite good recently, so a trip to the park, a mountain walk or a stroll on the beach is the perfect way to start getting more active together.

To stay on track with healthy dinners and lunches – try to make a plan for the week, so you have an idea of what you’ll aim for each day. Prepping the night before is hugely helpful, it can often feel like a pain when you’ve just finished a busy day, but it’s so worth it.

Supplements in addition to an active lifestyle and healthy diet can offer extra support - Junior & Teen Revive are formulated as a premium super supplement rather than a multivitamin. Scientifically formulated to support the heart, brain, bones and the immune system. Junior Revive is created specifically for children aged 4 to 12 years old and Teen Revive is for those aged 13 to 18.

No matter how good your plans are for dinners and lunches, ensuring kids get everything they need, can be a challenge, and getting them to try something new like a supplement can be equally tricky. Revive Active and their Junior & Teen supplements are unflavoured making them easy to include in your morning routine by adding them into smoothies, yoghurts, fruit juices or even water, ideal for those fussy eaters.

Junior and Teen Revive are all scientifically formulated and free from binders, fillers, additives, or colours. Unlike many existing supplements that come as a tablet or in chewable form, Junior & Teen Revive contains a combination of ingredients in powder form, allowing for quicker absorption when diluted and taken as a drink.

What’s the difference between Junior and Teen Revive?

Junior & Teen Revive both contain the same ingredients, providing a wide range of nutrients to support your child. However, as a child grows their level of nutrient requirements also increase and due to this the quantity of some ingredients in Teen Revive is greater than that of Junior Revive.

It is recommended that the supplements are taken in the morning, Monday to Friday and have the weekend as two supplement free days.

Being active and looking after your diet with your family is a great way to ensure that everyone stays on track, and your new routines stick around, and not just for January.


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