Getting your youngster ready for preschool or Montessori makes for a very hectic morning, let me tell you. From trying to get yourself ready to ensuring they have a healthy breakfast, it can be a pretty active way to start the day.


The getting up stage

The day usually starts with them coming into you at the crack of dawn ready to tackle the day. While you need a least another hour or three...


The putting on breakfast stage

Breakfast usually consists of something healthy and wholesome for your youngster like porridge, while you grab a coffee.


The feeding them their breakfast stage

It takes about ten minutes to make but another 30 to get your youngster to eat it. And then you need to get them to stay in their chair while you get dressed.


The trying to feed them while they refuse to open their mouth stage

Feeding them is a struggle. Every. Single. Morning. No matter what you give them they’ll always make a big deal about not wanting it.


The getting them dressed stage

There are tantrums galore at this stage, especially if your youngster wants to become involved in the outfit choice. It’s always one leg in, one leg out.


The finding the lost shoe stage

No matter how much you may have gotten ready the night before there is always something that is not where it should be – usually one shoe.


The hairbrush searching stage

Before you can tackle the next stage you first have to find the hairbrush. And you’re pretty sure your youngster hid it somewhere...


The dealing with the knots stage

There are always knots. Always. And your youngster is never best pleased when it comes to brushing their hair and that is an understatement - sometimes you wish the brush was lost forever.


The checking the school bag stage

They will always try to sneak in a toy or sometimes an ornament so checking the bag before you leave has now become a necessity every morning.


The closing the front door stage

What may seem like a pretty easy stage usually takes a lot longer than it should as you forget something or they forget something. It’s always one of you.