Boys can be messy, quirky and sometimes downright cheeky but you couldn’t imagine the world without your little man. Here are just some of the reasons why you really love your little boys.
They’re muddy
Did we mention that little boys can be messy? Because they definitely can be! Sometimes you wonder why you bothered washing their clothes in the first place if they're only going to get covered in mud half an hour later.
They’re loud
While little girls can be equally as loud in volume, nothing can exactly compete with the bluntness that our little boys can express sometimes. Especially when they want something.
Prepare yourselves for Superman, Spider-Man or Batman running through your house and knocking over everything in their wake.
No need for modesty
They may have learnt it from their dad or come to grasps with it on their own, but they really have no problem peeing anywhere with anyone. It has its bonuses though, especially if your nearest loo is miles away.
They love nature
We don’t know why our little tots love the mud so much but they do and boys seem to love getting in touch with nature the most. So don’t be surprised if your little boy has more fun playing with sticks outside than they ever did playing with action figures inside.
Their creative driving skills
Both girls and boys want to drive like their daddy and mummy. But your little boy always manages to get a little more creative when it comes to driving. It can be their own toy cars or toy trucks but it will probably put you off ever teaching them how to drive.
Worn shoes
What happened to their new trainers and how have they disintegrated into shreds of plastic within the space of a week?
They hate new clothes
Your excitement over that adorable outfit you bought for them will soon disappear once your son starts to kick up a fuss about it. They would rather be wearing clothes that are too scruffy and too small for them, than any new ensemble you decided to get for them.
War wounds
They may cry over their initial injury but they will quickly show immense pride at that their giant scab. War wounds are just a causality of your little boy’s games and you can expect a dozen of them before the day is out.