It was far from a case of business as usual for the team at Glaxo Smith Klein today, with employees’ children taking the reins at HQ.


Yes, you DID just read that correctly!


If you’re wondering whether children have finally taken over the world (who would really be surprised?), this was actually a one-off, for a very important cause.


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For the past 25 years, global healthcare company GSK has curated a close partnership with the SeriousFun Children’s Network (SFCN), represented by Barretstown.


For those of you who are not in the know. Barretstown is a children’s charity which works to rebuild lives affected by childhood illness.


To mark a new €1.2 million three-year partnership between GSK and the SFNC, the company threw a ‘Serious Fun’ Day.



As part of the fun, employees’ children were invited in for the morning to ‘work’ alongside their parents – and they certainly made their mark!


As well as designing the next marketing campaign for Aquafresh, these little darlings also ‘hired’ some new employees – who do we need to be sending our CVs to now?!


It wasn’t all hard work, though; they also participated in games that are usually played at the Barretstown therapeutic camps, for children with serious illnesses, in Kildare.


Well done to all involved!