23 -year-old Sammie Welch was left flabbergasted recently after a stranger on a train passed her a note which complimented her parenting skills and called her a 'credit to her generation,'

The note which also contained a £5 note praised Sammie's approach to her young son, but unfortunately the overwhelmed young mum was unable to thank her fellow passenger for his kind words and thoughtful gesture before he got off the train.

Luckily, the man in question has come forward and revealed what compelled him to pass the young mum the kind note, saying: "She was a great role model."

Ken Saunders,a project manager for the NHS, was reminded of his own daughter while watching Sammie and her son Rylan interact with each other on the crowded train.

Recalling a time when his daughter benefited from the kindness of strangers, Mr. Saunders said: "When my daughter was 18, she went out on her first night out in Bristol. She phoned me and said she'd got off at the wrong station. Luckily a kind couple came to her rescue and gave her a lift into town."

The dad went on to describe the rest of his daughter's night, saying: "She later lost her ticket home and a man amazingly bought her one out of his own pocket. Later she was on the train platform and she was freezing, when a man came to her and gave her his jacket. He said 'Happy New Year' and let her keep it."

Commenting on his own gesture, Mr. Saunders said: "I thought, "She's lightened up my night, I'm going to lighten up her night." So I gave her a few quid."

Mr. Saunders is keen to play down the event, saying: "There's loads of nice people out there and I think people should be reminded of that. I'm not special."

Sammie, on the other hand, wants Mr. Saunders to know the effect his thoughtful gesture had on her, saying: "I was so moved. I was overwhelmed. It meant so much to me.I want him to know I am truly grateful."

What a truly heartwarming story.