The potty training essentials that have been our saviours
Us parents can all agree that potty training is no walk in the park, but there is so much advice out there that has made the process a hell of a lot easier. We would be utterly lost without the words of wisdom of fellow mums, dads and experts. Every parent, grandparent, and older sibling we chat have all shared their tales of woe and potty-training triumphs with us and we have to say they have made a massive difference.
Knowing you are not the only parent dealing with this makes it that little bit less stressful. Safety in numbers, right?
One thing that has always made potty training easier for us is being well stocked up on supplies. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve run out of baby wipes or even nappies just after your tiny tot has had a mishap.
We discovered the affordable and reliable Fred & Flow nappies and wipes during our last trip to Tesco and they are everything we need and more. They are the strongest range in the market in terms of quality, value and breadth of range.
The Fred & Flo sensitive fragrance free toilet wipes have been specially developed to help your little one stay clean and fresh during toilet training. Formulated to be super soft and gentle on little bottoms and are perfectly sized for small hands to help them build confidence during toilet training. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, which helps maintain a suitable pH for skin.
The range also caters for newborns. One of our favourites is the Fred & Flo Newborn Nappies. The cottony super soft material is perfect for your little one and comfortable too. They have improved absorbency and breathable material.
The wetness indicator changes colour when your baby wees and the nappies even have a soft cord protection which is soft on the belly button. And best of all, they’re dermatologically tested.
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