Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend with your family, especially little ones who just make the festive season so much more special. In the run up to this year’s festivities why not spend some quality time with your little one making and baking.


Christmas cookies

Baking some Christmas cookies is not only a fun way to spend some time with your little one, but also a tasty time. The world really is your oyster when you are baking cookies as you can whip up anything from festive Gingerbread men to simple biscuits. Remember you can go as complicated or as easy as you like.


Christmas tree decorations

You can never have enough Christmas tree decorations so spend the afternoon with your little one making some. You can buy festive-shaped paper or felt or simply draw and cut them out for your little one. Let your youngster’s imagination go wild and all you’ll have to do is the cutting and threading the string.


Door wreath

The door wreath is a very special part of Christmas as it symbolises strength over winter and you can make your own pretty easily. Simply buy a plain wreath in your local garden shop or even twist one together with twigs from your garden and decorate it with holly and winter flowers or even fabric and ribbons.


Fireplace garland

Don’t forget to decorate the fireplace and not just with your little one’s stockings. Garlands are a great way to keep the home looking festive and while you can make something complicated that takes a lot of work, a simple popcorn garland – threading popcorn onto thin thread and hanging it along the mantlepiece looks great. For a really festive feel why not dye the popcorn with green food colouring. Hopefully the kids don’t eat all the popcorn before you get the garland made.