Greece footballer, Georgios Samaras announced yesterday that he wanted to bring his friend and biggest fan to the World Cup next week.
Georgios originally met the Celtic fan, Jay Beatty, after the team played a friendly game in Ireland.
The pair met again when Samaras got to carry the 11-year-old around Parkhead for Celtic's lap of honour after they had won the Scottish Professional League.
However Jay and Georgios made the headlines once again after Jay became a viral hit for cheering on his friend Georgios during a World Cup Match. After seeing this, Samaras went on to persuade the Greek FA to bring Jay who has Down Syndrome, to the World Cup.
Samaras then went on to share special message in a video yesterday. In the video, Samaras revealed that he had arranged for both him and his family to come over to Brazil to visit him and the team for the World Cup.
Unfortunately when Jay received a message, him and his family were already at the airport preparing to board a flight for a family holiday. But Jay made sure to reply to his hero and friend with a message for him and the Greek team.
"Hi Sammy, I hope you win the World Cup. Sammy, I'm sorry I won't be there but I still love you very much. C'mon Sammy."