We are all guilty of being a little biased towards our children, and heaping on the praise because, well, we’re proud of them!


However, blogger and mum-of-three Tova Leigh reckons we’re doing our children a great disservice by not being ‘honest’ with them about their talents and shortcomings.


In a now viral video, Tova proclaimed: “I am so done with telling my kids they are great and super-talented at doing stuff that they’re actually not very good at.”



Using the example of tidying, which usually involves a half-hearted effort and many socks lying around the laundry basket, Tova insisted that we’re actually setting them up for a fall later on in life.


“One day, this son of yours is going to be a man, and he will be asked by his wife to tidy up. And when he takes his dirty mug of coffee and puts it next to the sink, or throws his dirty underwear next to the laundry basket; that is on YOU!” she said.


Applauding effort is so important, but Tova reckons that heaping on the praise for a ‘s***’ effort isn’t doing our children any favours.



In a finally, rallying message, Tova appealed to her thousands of followers: “Next time you’re thinking of telling your kids they are awesome and talented and amazing at stuff that they’re actually quite average at; choose your words.”


Interestingly, the large majority of Tova’s followers either agreed with her, or found her post hilarious.


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