There is wonderful news today as it has been revealed that the three little girls who featured in a series of photos that went viral are all now in remission.
Ryley, Ainsley and Rheann, who were all suffering from cancer at the time of the photos, became known for their heart wrenching message: “Sometimes strength comes from knowing that you are not alone.”
The photographer, who shot the now famous images, Lora Scantling, spoke of the girls, saying: “Rheann was the only one still fighting, and she was still pretty sick and still projected to have quite some time to go. So of course when they declared her in remission, I cried! About a year before that photo was taken, she was so sick that the doctors told her family to prepare for the worst, because there was no way she would make it. She is a very strong girl.”
Meanwhile, 4-year-old Ainsley is in remission from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and three-year-old Ryley has beaten a form of stage-five kidney cancer.”
Such wonderful news for these beautiful, brave girls and their families.