Most kids love getting their hands deep in paint and glitter, and toddlers are no exception. Crafts are a great way to wile away a rainy afternoon and using egg cartons means you are up-cycling as well as having fun.
Here are some crafts you can do with your toddler, just remember to put down a floor mat and to put an apron on them.
Slimy snake
This one is really great fun and your little one can go crazy choosing colours to use. 
What you’ll need
1 egg carton
Various paint pots
Simply cut the egg cups out of the carton.  Use a pen or scissors to pop a hole in each side of four of them and in one side of the remaining two. Thread the string through and secure by tying on either end. Let your toddler use the paints and glitter to decorate and leave to dry before letting them play with their new pet.
4 tiny ships
Have fun spending the day sailing these miniature boats.
What you’ll need
Red paint
Four egg cups cut from carton
Plain white card paper
Lollipop sticks, clean
Blue tack
Paint the four egg cups using the red paint and leave to dry. In the meantime, cut tiny sails from the card paper and secure to the lollipop sticks. When the ships are dry, put about two inches thick of blue tack in the centre and push the lollipop sticks in to secure. They won't do too well in the water so keep them on dry land. 
Bouquet of flowers
Not quite a bouquet, these lovely flowers would make a great gift for grandparents.
What you’ll need
1 egg carton
Pink paint
12 green pipe cleaners
Simply cut the egg cups out of the carton and punch a hole in the centre big enough to fit a pipe cleaner through. Paint them using your pink paint and allow to dry. While drying, get your 12 pipe cleaners and wrap one around the other. You will end up with six thick stems for your flowers. When your flowers are dry, pop the pipe cleaners through the hole and turn them down at the top. Cover with sellotape to protect eyes.