Long car trips can be a nightmare when you are travelling with kids, and keeping them entertained is definitely the best way to make the journey smoother. 


However, while a lot of us would turn to our phones as a way to keep our children happy, there are a number of fun screen-free activities that you can do.


DIY storytime

Start off by saying a sentence or two and then getting your little one to continue the story with their own two sentences. Keep doing this until you have reached your destination!


Eye spy

A classic game that can go on for as long as you and your little one want to play it for. This is a really fun game but as it requires a bit of concentration you should only play this if there is someone else driving.



You might want to use crayons and pencils rather than markers or, if you are really worried about the interior of your car, you can use a special water pencil and pad.


Book fun

Pile your back seat with picture books, pop-up books and touch and feel books. If your youngster doesn’t do well on long car trips, you can get a CD with a story on it and listen to it instead.


Count the sheep/cows/red cars

Obviously this game depends on where you are going, but you can get them to count sheep, cows or even a certain car colour. Counting is always a fun activity and on the plus side your little one will be learning something new.


Five questions

Tell your little one they can ask you five questions and then you have to ask them five questions. They can be anything from the colour of your eyes to their favourite animal, but ask questions that you know your little one will be able to answer.



Encourage your little one to create a picture or a story with the use of stickers. Be prepared for stickers on your windows, the back of your chair and in your little one’s hair though!