While our little one is probably still coming to grips with a game of catch, it won’t be long before they will want to get involved with some group sports as well. Here are some great tips when it comes to introducing your little one to sports.
Avoid competition
Sports can be quite competitive even for our little tots, so make sure that you avoid competition initially. While a little competition is ok, too much can turn them off sports permanently. The focus should simply be on fun, with no winners or losers or right way or wrong way at this age.
Mix sports
Your child will be too young to pick a favourite activity just yet, or even show any true skills when it comes to sports. So don’t place too much pressure on your tot to pick a particular sport right now. It’s important to make sure that they are playing a mixture of games at this age. So for now, let your child try a variety of sports which will enable them develop skills as well as using their bodies in a variety of ways.
Try different hobbies
Your child doesn’t have to be involved with sports to develop a hobby, so make sure they try some extracurricular activities besides sports. While sports are a great way of getting some physical exercise for your tots, not a lot of pressure should be applied to it either.
Make it fun
Don’t worry too much if your little one isn’t engaging enough in sports and defintely shouldn't compare your child's behaviour to other children a well. There is no proof that the tot who engages in football classes or karate classes at a young age will have an advantage over your shy child. It’s important to remember that your little one is still growing and what they may love now will change in a few weeks’ time. So just because your tot isn’t fond of sport now doesn’t mean they won’t grow to love it when they are a teen. So for now encourage your tot to have fun with some outdoor sports in moderation, and if they’re not keen, find something else for them to enjoy.