When your baby starts to talk and walk he or she will become a very curious toddler, taking in the world around them and developing every day.
When your little one was smaller you may have nurtured their developmental skills through colours, sounds and sight.
As they grow older you need to continue to advance their developmental tools through toys and games you play with them.
Here are some great toys and games you can play with your toddler to nurture their growing motor, cognitive and language skills.
Puzzles allow toddlers to learn about shapes and also memorise the way pieces fit together. You should choose simple puzzles with large pieces for your toddler to learn from.
From Old MacDonald to Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes, songs play a vital part in teaching your toddler about the world around him. Your child will absolutely love to hear you sing these songs and act them out and will soon be copying you, learning all the while!
Toddlers will have hours of fun with building blocks, making towers and waiting for the impending collapse.
Lego for the younger child, Duplo pieces are larger but work in the same way. They teach your child how the pieces fit together and sorting skills such as by colour or size. They can also nurture a child’s sharing trait as it is a game that can be played with another.
Household items
Never underestimate a child’s imagination and the importance of nurturing it. You would be amazed the hours of fun a child can get out of a box or a pillow fort. It becomes their own space; it can be a house, a car, a ship – anything they choose. Get involved and give your child some ideas of what it could be to send them in the right direction.