Trying to establish good habits in your child? CoComelon can help

Trying to establish good habits in our children is no easy task. Whether we’re creating healthy eating habits, encouraging outdoor play, teaching our little ones to brush their teeth and everything else that comes in between, it can be a struggle.

While parenthood is such a rewarding experience, we can all feel a bit overwhelmed from time to time, when all we need is some support. 

With the help of CoComelon, you’ll feel prepared to tackle any challenge that may come your way as your child gets older. 

Whether it’s sitting down at mealtime, spending time outdoors, potty training or creating a sleep routine that works for you and your little one, CoComelon can help!


CoComelon can help with mealtime by making it fun for any fussy eaters you have at home. Mealtimes can often lead to tantrums when our little ones don’t want to try new foods or eat their veggies, adding stress to your life and making the experience negative for them. Every parent knows the struggle of trying to keep a child engaged at the table and excited for each meal you put in front of them.

You can help to keep your little one interested at the dinner table with the CoComelon Kids 6 Pieces Dinner Set. This tableware set comes with a plate, bowl, cup, fork, knife and spoon so your child has everything they need in order to look forward to mealtime with their favourite characters. The durable and lightweight set has cute cartoons printed on it to encourage your little one to eat independently, whether it’s at breakfast, lunch or dinnertime. This set is 100% BPA, harmful toxins and chemicals free, while also being dishwasher safe. Buy yours at Amazon (delivery to Ireland)

Get Moving

Sometimes it can be difficult to get our little ones outdoors, but little ones can be encouraged to spend more time outdoors and engage in outdoor playtime with CoComelon. With summer fast approaching, there’s no time like the present to treat your child to the CoComelon Switch It Multi Character Tri Scooter. With brightly coloured decals and components that are ideal for visual development, your child will be rearing to get outside. They’ll love being able to choose between the 4 character plaques to choose which of their favourite characters they want along for some fun outdoors. It has a durable steel frame and puncture proof EVA tyres with soft moulded grips on the handlebars to suit little hands. The 3-wheel scooter design is easy to control and steer for youngsters and the deck has smooth sides to reduce ankle injuries. Available to buy from Amazon (delivery to Ireland)

If your child is more into cuddly toys when on the move, they’ll love going on adventures with the Squishmallows 25cm CoComelon HugMees JJ Soft Toy. They can snuggle, squeeze, and play with their favourite CoComelon character while out and about. Made from extra soft, plush material, your little one will want to bring their new pal everywhere they go. These toys are for children ages 3 years+. Available to purchase from Smyths 

Designed to help your child’s cognitive development, the Sinco Creations CoComelon Shape N Sort Learning Clock Tell The Time will help them grasp the concept of how to tell the time. 

While out and about, your tot will want to have their favourite character with them and with the CoComelon branded Uniqilo toddler T-shirts range, they can do just that!

Get Ready

Instilling everyday routines into young children can be a tasking job when you’re trying to get out the door in a rush or willing your little one to wind down for the night, but CoComelon can help. If you’re trying to get your child into the routine of getting ready for a bath, then the CoComelon - Getting Ready with JJ Tonie is an ideal addition to your child's daily routine. It can help remind your tot that each time they hear their CoComelon Tonie start to play, it's time for a dip in the bath! Tonies interactive toys are screen-free audiobooks, songs and stories that work with a Toniebox. This music player combines playing, learning and listening. These educational toys have been designed so even toddlers can operate them themselves. The CoComelon - Getting Ready with JJ includes 20 different tunes for every time of day. It requires a Toniebox to use (sold separately) and can be purchased from Smyths 

A very important habit to teach our little ones is how to brush their teeth and wash their hands properly. With the CoComelon Musical Buddies Ladybug Soap Dispenser and Singing Toothbrush Holder, it’s never been easier. Your child will look forward to teeth-brushing and hand washing time, as they’ll get to listen to music whilst doing it! With the Wash Your Hands and Brush Your Teeth songs, promoting hygiene is now a fun activity. Nursery rhymes will play for the appropriate teeth-brushing and hand-washing time as your tot learns great habits for life.

The comforting CoComelon face lights up on the soap dispenser when the music plays so your little one will get to see their favourite character with every wash. The toothbrush holder opens up for easy cleaning and holds your child’s toothbrush safe and ready for next time.

Did you know, low sound level music and songs have been proven to encourage comfortable sleep, teach song recognition and word learning? Buy yours from Bargain Max

To make tooth-brushing all the more enjoyable, the CoComelon Children's Manual Toothbrush is perfect to pair with the Strawberry Flavour Sugar-Free CoComelon Children's Toothpaste.

A huge milestone for our little ones to reach is when they start potty training. While this can be a time-consuming lesson, the CoComelon training range is designed so your child is comfortable and safe while potty training with their favourite characters. The CoComelon Potty makes a challenging experience much more fun and exciting for all involved. This non-slip Potty has been specially designed with a high back for extra comfort and support. It’s easy to clean and lightweight, making it portable and perfect to use on the go. The CoComelon potty is part of a coordinated range with a Step Stool and Training Seat – each sold separately. Buy yours from Smyths

The CoComelon Bathroom Step Stool has been designed to be used alongside the CoComelon Potty to make potty training even easier. This bathroom step is practical to use at home and on the move due to it being lightweight and easily portable. For extra stability, the step stool, which features your child’s favourite characters, has been designed with non-slip, steady feet, making it a great way to encourage your child to start toilet training. Buy yours from Smyths 

To work alongside the CoComelon Potty and CoComelon Bathroom Step Stool, the CoComelon Child's Toilet Training Seat is ideal to make this new challenge more fun and exciting for your tot. This toilet seat introduces your little one to a new stage in their life with the help of their favourite characters. It’s lightweight, portable and most importantly, easy-to-clean, so you can use it at home or on-the-go. Available to purchase from Smyths


Trying to create a proper bedtime routine with your child can be a real struggle. Whether they are refusing to nap or won’t stay in their own bed, we can feel at our wits’ end at times but CoComelon can help with making this time of the day enjoyable. Your child will look forward to bedtime so they can cuddle up to their CoComelon Bedtime JJ Doll. This plush toy features JJ in his iconic onesie, clutching his favourite teddy bear pillow plush. The doll can play 7 sounds and phrases when JJ’s tummy is pressed. Songs include the YesYes Bedtime song. Suitable for tots from 18 months+. Available from Smyths

If your child has fun pyjamas to look forward to wearing, then they’ll be excited to put them on and go to bed in them. This CoComelon JJ Onesie is the perfect sleepsuit to get your tot ready for bedtime. The vibrant turquoise green onesie features a cute whale motif with an embroidered badge of Baby JJ, also dressed like he’s ready to go to bed. With a cosy fleece material and elasticated cuffs, this outfit is ideal for your child to snuggle in. Available in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years from Amazon and

If your child is struggling to get a good night's sleep and understand when it's time to get up and get ready for the day, the CoComelon Sleep Trainer is an ideal aid to set them up for a successful bedtime routine.

Other wonderful ways to encourage your little one to learn and stick to a new routine is by reading to them. Luckily, CoComelon has a variety of books to help your child learn about everyday habits. The Official CoComelon Sing-Song: Bedtime Song Book will help your child understand their bedtime routine, while the CoComelon Bath Book: Splish Splash 123 will help to keep them occupied in the tub. The interactive Official CoComelon Sing-Song: Bath Song Book will allow your child to sing-along to the hit tune Bath Song. The Official CoComelon Sing-Song: The Potty Song Book is super helpful to teach your little one all about using the potty for the very first time.