There is always much talk about when babies should sit up, walk, talk, and so forth, but what about those milestones that hardly ever get spoken about?
For instance, up to the age of about two to four months, your baby only sees in two dimensions, but now he sees things in three.
Between the ages of four to five months, you will hear your baby laugh for the first time. When you call his name when he is five to eight months old, he will respond and look at you.
From one to two years, he will discover his genitals, and will touch their private parts. Ages four to five are really exciting for them – they will learn how to move their legs to get a swing in motion.
The two side of the brain have developed enough body control so that he can now hold a piece of paper in one hand and write on it with a pencil in the other hand. At eight to nine years your child will begin to show modesty. He was quite happy to walk around in the nude before, but will now be inclined to cover up and show embarrassment.