Hands up if you seriously hate changing nappies - *throws two hands in the air, violently!*


Being a new mum is amazing, but none of us will deny how irritating it can be having to change nappies on a constant basis, right?


Well, what if we told you that you could actually POTTY TRAIN your newborn baby - saving yourself money and hassle?


Close-up of Hands Holding Baby Feet


Now, it won't be easy, but two doctors in the US have successfully potty trained their precious newborn using a technique called elimination communication. 


Dr Jeffrey Bender, Dr Rosemary teamed up to potty train their third child, a day after birth. 


The elimination communication technique is also called natural infant hygiene, and it is actually pretty straightforward.


According to DiaperFreeBaby.org, parents should  simply observe their infant’s natural timing, body language, and cues to determine when they need to go to the toilet.


Baby Holding Human Finger


Then, hold your bub over a toilet, sink, or mini potty (we're serious!) and let them do their thing while you make noises to simulate running water that will reinforce bladder or bowel release.


"Contrary to the notion that infants relieve themselves randomly and constantly throughout the day, infants naturally eliminate at predictable times, such as on waking or after feeding," wrote the parents. 


Listen, good for them, but this type of routine certainly is not for everyone - especially if you work out of home, and do not have time to read your child's cues. 


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At the end of the day, the way in which you deal with your infant's pee and poop is your choice - whether you choose disposable nappies, cloth nappies, or choose to train them.


No judgement here, mums!