Watch Your Space is a website devoted to providing a portal for young people to show their support for victims of cyberbullying. Set up and run by, the Irish internet safety awareness raising centre, which is part of the PDST Technology in Education based at Dublin City University.
The campaign will be launched on February 5 - this marks the tenth Safer Internet Day, and the site aims to encourage young people to positively intervene when they see instances of online bullying.
Young people are encouraged to tweet their support for victims of online bullying by sending their own personal message to #up2us.
As part of the campaign, young people are also asked to upload video messages of support to video sharing websites which may then be selected to be featured on the website. There is also an online form where young people can write how they plan to show their support for victims of online bullying. 
It's an incredibly important tool for children and adults alike - for the child who is being bullied, or who has witnessed bullying and for the family who are dealing with bullying. 
Talking about this issue is the first step to making it better.