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What are the best websites for my primary school child?

There are lots of ways that the internet can be a beneficial resource for primary school kids.There are lots of educational and fun internet sites your child can safely browse.
Here is a list of some of our favourite sites for primary school children: This is a really beneficial, fun website that has a broad spectrum of educational games. This website features lots of fun games which promote a love of learning and discovery. A resource dedicated to helping children and teens with learning difficulties. This is a free website that has lots of quizzes on every subject from science to languages and from maths to music.

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There are lots of ways that the internet can be a beneficial resource for primary school kids.
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Your child can benefit from the internet because it offers them more text-based information than other forms of media. 
Firstly, you will need to monitor and see how much time he is spending in front of a screen and decide where to go from there.
Make a variety of playthings available to your child to help get him away from TV or computer screens. 
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