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What can I try to get my child to sleep without hassle?

Parents who are able to get their children to sleep successfully on most nights, all have similar routines. It is important to set a definite time for bed and not to deviate from your routine too much.
Your bedtime routine should comprise of calming activities, to relax your child's mind and body and make falling asleep easier.

After your child has had supper, avoid energetic playing, but rather have a few minutes of television or reading. Follow up this low-key activity with going to the toilet, or doing half a nappy change before bath. With your child clean and changed, assist with proper brushing of teeth and changing into pyjamas. This ordered routine is predictable and lets your child know that bedtime is coming up. The bathing and cleaning will make your child feel comfortable and sleepy.

When you take your child to their bedroom, make sure the lights are not too bright. With your child in bed, or in their cot, read a bedtime story, sing a song, or play soft music to help with relaxation.
Tell your child about the next day's activities that they need to be well rested for. Convince your child that the sooner they go to sleep, the sooner they can wake up and enjoy the next day.

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