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What do safety symbols mean when it comes to children?

Child safety symbols can be found on almost items designed for children, such as toys, prams, jumpers and cots. Big home appliances will have these symbols on them too, indicating potential danger for children. Most parents recognise the symbols, but not all parents know exactly what they mean. The following are child safety symbols that parents should know:

The fire safety symbol depicts a burning cigarette and lit match, surrounded by a green square. This  means that the product is only fire resistant, but not fire-proof. The fire resistance is limited to heat and flame from matches and cigarettes.

The 'CE' mark is found on products that the manufacturer has deemed to meet the basic legal EU requirements. It is not a safety symbol, but an advisory symbol.

The 'kite mark' indicates that a product has been thoroughly tested by the British Standards Institution and has achieved compliance with the relevant regulations. It is found widely on products in Britain and Ireland.

The 'age mark' shows what ages the toy or piece of equipment is not suitable for. Most often it will be used on items with small parts that can be choking hazards for children under the age of three.

The 'lion mark' depicts a smiling lion inside a yellow triangle. This symbol means that the toy manufacturers claim it meets all relevant safety standards and complies with advertising and counterfeiting guidelines.

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