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What makes a bully?

Bullies are not always the biggest kids in the playground- instead they could be the smallest, sweetest girl in the class, the last person you would ever suspect.
Children who bully want to have control over their lives- even if it’s just making someone else’s life miserable. A child bullies to make up for something that is lacking in their own lives. They commonly perform badly at school and find it difficult to make lasting friendships.
Bullies often:
  • Pick on kids who are younger, smaller or different from the rest of the children.
  • Pick on kids who are new to the school, as they’re new, they don’t yet have a group of friends who can back them up.
  • Talk loudly and cut across people so no one else gets the chance to back them up.
  • Spread lies about their victims
  • Use blackmail to prevent their victims from reporting them
  • Try to get their victims ostracised and excluded from activities.
  • Freeze out their victim so no one will talk to them
  • Pick on their victim constantly with name-calling and teasing.
  • Steal or lose their victims belongings on purpose

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Children who bully want to exert control over their lives-even if it's just making someone else's life miserable.
This can be a difficult realisation to come to but there are some signs to watch out for which could indicate that your child is a bully. 
Parents often fear that if they report that their child is being bullied to the school that nothing will be done.
Your child's school should have a very clear policy on how to deal with bullying.
In recent times, cyber bullying has become all too common. 
There are lots of things that you as a parent can do to help prevent and reduce the chances of your child being bullied.