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When should I start wearing maternity clothes?

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For proper planning it is always good to understand when a pregnant mother is supposed to begin wearing maternity clothes. Most often the first trimester does not contain enough body changes to warrant purchasing a new wardrobe. In fact, many pregnant women spend time wearing oversized articles of clothing or pieces from their partner’s closet when they first being to expand. This allows them time to go maternity shopping.

Maternity shopping can be fun as modern times do not require pregnant mothers to wear boring or unstylish clothing. The hunt for stylish maternity wear can be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

As you enter your second trimester, generally around the 20 week mark depending on the pregnancy, your will begin to notice your body’s changes. Clothes will fit tighter and your shirts will also need to make room for your larger breasts.

Another important aspect of maternity apparel is so that you can remain comfortable during your pregnancy. There are enough discomforts involved in this process; your clothing should not make matters worse. Beginning the hunt for maternity clothes in the second trimester, when they begin to be needed, is encouraged as you will have passed the dangers of the first trimester and can now safely invest in new clothing.
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Re: When should I start wearing maternity clothes?
I'm currently 25.5weeks and still wearing all my own clothes size 10, I haven't put on any weight just have a small bump and feeling great. I won't be buying maternity clothes until I need to or when my own clothes get a little snug in place. I'm not uncomfortable in any of my clothes and am happy with my new baby shape and even happier with my ever growing bump ????❤️???????? Do what's right for you and don't feel pressured by society ????
Fawn83   |   September 26, 2017 07:53 AM
Re: When should I start wearing maternity clothes?
I think I started wearing my maternity jeans at 21 weeks. I dont wear them as often as my normal leggings though. Leggings are sometimes even comfier than the maternity leggings even though it is under the bump. It doesnt really bother me. At 30 weeks now I am still wearing my regular clothes because they are long stretchy tops so I didnt spend a fortune on maternity clothes basically.
janine0187   |   June 11, 2012 08:54 PM
Re: When should I start wearing maternity clothes?
On first pregnancy I made the mistake of just buying regular clothes in a bigger size (normally size 10 but bought 12, 14 ,16 etc) because I was counting the pennies, and it worked out a bit cheaper but the maternity ranges are genuinely more flattering and fit so much better. I'd recommend investing in just a few good quality, well fitting pieces. Also, good, flat shoes. More expensive, yes, but give so much more support, especially if feet bloat in later stages.
caramel   |   February 21, 2012 01:51 PM
Re: When should I start wearing maternity clothes?
i started wearing my maternity jeans at 16 weeks as my normal jeans were startin to get a bit tight and it was the best thing i ever did i now live in them at 5 months :) there is no right or wrong answer as to when you should start to wear maternity clothes its a personal thing, as soon as you feel your own clothes starting to feel tight or uncomfortable make the change
falulalou   |   May 03, 2011 09:46 AM
RE: When should I start wearing maternity clothes?
I avoided wearing maternity clothes for ages and this was a BIG mistake. When you move into your maternity jeans you just feel so much better. Don't wait until 5 months as I did. That was such an uncomfortable mistake I made.
Amy   |   February 07, 2011 10:49 AM

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