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The changing of the season is something we are so used to, that, unless there are extreme conditions we don’t even notice it. However, for babies, all of that is completely new. Everything from higher temperatures to shorter nights comes as a surprise to them, and it is up to the parents to guide them through this turbulent period. That will include working on new sleep routines, preventing cold...
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At about 8pm on St. Stephen's day I was busy scrubbing out my oven. I wish I cold say it was because I had just finished cooking a lovely Stephen's day dinner. But it wasn't the case. Cleaning, and I mean MAJOR cleaning, seems to be something that I tend to do in times of shock, upset or sheer panic! In this instance it was due to pure shock and a little bit of panic, if I’m honest. I had just...
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Orla - The Irish Mammy There is no such thing as a mammy who has it all together! Blogging and writing has always been something that I have been interested in. I follow so many other bloggers online and always leave each site thinking "I can do that. If they can start a blog, why can't I?." The one thing that stopped me was fear. I was afraid that my content wouldn't be interesting enough or that...
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As a sufferer of gestational diabetes, my second pregnancy brought on sickness and insulin dependency from the second month. I was in and out of hospital for weeks at a time leaving behind my 2.5 year old despite our closeness and her clinginess to me. This, looking back was probably the beginning of my downward spiral as the due date neared I began to feel really guilty and wondered if perhaps I...
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My youngest attends a Montessori which shares a building with the local primary school. And on the day in which the United States of America inaugurated their 45th President, I overheard a small scrum of tiny boys, no more than six- or seven-years-old, holding a heated debate on Trump. They argued about whether he'd started work yet and one berated the others for not watching the news enough...
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Healthy eating during pregnancy is not only crucial to your babyʼs growth and development, it is also important to ensure you stay in tip top condition. Thankfully, it is easy enough to ensure you ARE getting the nutrients you need; simply include a variety of food groups in your diet, including fruits and vegetables, breads and grains, protein sources and dairy products. Here are the food groups...
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Most of us have been paid; the end of January is nigh; and wonderful spring is just around the corner. However, many of us are still clinging to our New Year’s resolutions, persisting in the myth that we are actually still keeping up our virtuous lifestyles. However, the evidence suggests otherwise. If any of the following apply to you, it is time to face reality and enjoy life without the pain...
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No happiness in this world is great enough as having your family healthy, gathered and happy. Before any of you skeptics go into a rant that family is a side-line joy to all the business-oriented decisions we’re making daily, I have to stop you right there – no business ever has hugged me to sleep like my husband has, no contract signed has had me laugh to tears like my kids have and no bonus...
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It’s been a bit crazy in our house recently. And I think it has something to do with my son having a bit of a leap forward in his development, and basically beginning to assert himself a little more. He was always quite good with vocabulary and speech for his age, but there’s been a huge push forward in him recently, and he’s graduated to full sentences, questions and interaction. It’s...
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The joy in motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times, but amid the challenges there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction. —M. Russell Ballard [/b] [/b] I am proud to say I have been a mother for 5 years now. Being a mum is not so new to me anymore ; I am blessed with two beautiful girls. Being a young mum is not easy, not at all… but as strange as it...
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