Now that the days are brighter and the sun is (sometimes) shining, it is the perfect opportunity to get out and about with your toddler and enjoy a few adventures together.


You don’t need to go far and wide to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” complaints or even spend a fortune – not when there are so many adventures right on your doorstep.


1. Fishing for crabs

Head to your local beach, bucket and net in hand, and spend the afternoon looking in rock pools and crevices for crabs and other sea creatures. However, if you do catch something remember to put it back where you found it before you head home.



2. Go to a different playground

Most of us have a local playground that we take the kids to at the weekend. This summer, search for ones that aren’t quite on your doorstep and hop in the car or on the bus, picnic in hand, and spend the afternoon exploring them.


3. Boat trip

If you fancy getting your feet wet and are lucky to live near water, why not see if you can book a boat trip for the day.


4. Road trip

Most kids love sitting in the car heading off on an adventure with Mum, enjoy one this summer. Spend the day before mapping out where you are going to drive to and places you’ll stop for a picnic. Pack the car with audio books and toys and head off for pastures new.




5. Go up the mountains

Get your hiking boots on, sun hat and pack a bag of food and head up a nearby mountain. Your little one might only make it to the summit but at least they’ll see plenty of outdoor life.


6. Go to the zoo

The zoo is the perfect way to spend a lazy morning getting to know new and different creatures. Bring a picnic and treat yourself to an ice cream and you’ll have a happy toddler in no time.


7. Local nature walk  

Check out if there is an organised nature walk near your home and sign yourself up. Most nature walks are catered towards children and are a great way for your little one to make new friends.



8. The National Museum

A great way to spend a rainy afternoon, the museum is an adventure most mums never dream of taking their toddlers. However, most actually cater to children with plenty of activities and things to do during the summer months and you never know, you might learn a thing or two!


9. Castle ruins

Check out your local area for any castles or ruins and spend the day letting your little one explore the grounds while you tell them the story about who used to live there.


10. Library

While it might not seem like an adventure to some, the library is the only place where you and your little one can explore new worlds while sitting on a comfy chair!