Heading to the park is one of the best ways to entertain your toddler and get them some fresh air.


However, when it comes to going to the playground, there are plenty of thoughts that run through your mind before you even get there...


How many can you relate to? 


Deciding to go to the park: 


1. (*Looks out the window) Looks like a gorgeous day, lets head out to the swings


2. (Ten minutes later) Oh, here’s the rain, better stay inside today


3. It’s dry out now - quick, let’s go while the sun is shining


Trying to leave the house: 


4. Ugh, WHERE are my shoes?


5. Ugh, WHERE are Baby’s shoes?


6. One arm, two arms – keep still for five seconds, please!


7. Where is your coat?!


8.  Oh no, here's the rain again - will we risk it? 


9. Better bring the wellies just in case...


10. Let's do this. 


Getting there: 


11. Belt on. 


12. Oh wait - I forgot my handbag.


13. Belt back on. 


14. Radio on or off? 


15. (*Looking in the rearview mirror) Ah look at him/ her - my toddler is so cute!


16. Please don't start getting fussy...


At the park: 


17. We're here! Hmm, it's a bit chilly - better bundle up.


18. Ugh, why are there so many people here? 


19. I knew I should have brought a towel to dry the swings.


20. (*Looking at the teenagers) They are way too old to be on the swings. 


21. Let's not go near the sand... 


22. WHAT. IS. THAT...?


23. Where is the guy who sells coffee? 


24. I need coffee - it's freezing.


Deciding to go home: 


25. (*20 minutes later) I'm bored - let's go home.


Driving home: 


26. Please don't fall asleep in the car on the way home. Please.  



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