We all love our tiny little toddlers, the cute things they say, the funny ways they act and yes, even the embarrassing situations they can sometimes put us in.
However, no matter how much we may love them, they can do certain things to drive us absolutely crazy, and here are just a few of them:
Needing the toilet half way through a shop
So you have placed them in the trolley and are half way through your weekly shop only for them to shout suddenly: 'I need to wee'. Your decision falls between abandoning the trolley and hoping it will still be there when you get back or hoping you have enough time to pay and get to the toilet – it’s usually the former.
Pulling things off the table
They just want to be involved and see what yummy things are on the table and, obviously, the best thing is to simply pull the tablecloth off.
Refusing to eat a meal after you spent a lot of time making it
They asked for mashed potato so you made them mashed potato. So why do they suddenly not want mashed potato – whatever, we’ll just eat it ourselves.
Kicking off their shoes
This is not so bad when you are in the house, but becomes a bit (we say that lightly) of a nuisance when they do it when you are out and about. There are countless amounts of single shoes lining the pathways as you read this right now. And those shoes are pretty expensive.
Pulling the toilet roll off the holder
We admit, this does look like it could be a lot of fun - wrapping the toilet around like a dress or the house – but not when you are the one who has to roll it back up into a somewhat presentable manner.
Picking up your phone
We love our little toddlers with our whole heart, but when they go near our phone our heart drops – not for fear of sticky fingers but rather that they will drop it on the hard kitchen tiled floor.