As parents, worrying about our children’s well-being is only natural, but how much concern is too much?


A recent survey revealed that parents stress about their kids for 37 hours a week. That is a full-time job of allowing anxious thoughts to occupy our minds!


The study, carried out by OnePoll and Lice Clinics of America, studied the concerns of 2,000 parents.


Their top two worries were about their children’s safety (48%) and happiness (44%).


These topics were followed by focusing on bullying (43%), keeping up in class (41%), getting good grades (39%), fitting in with others (36%), eating habits (30%), enjoying childhood (28%), making friends (27%), and contracting lice (27%).



Bullying has been a rising issue among young people, causing anxiety and stress in the schoolyard and at home. In fact, 50 percent of youths stated that they fear going back to school because of being bullied.


So, parents are completely right in prioritising the issue in their concern.


All of these common, troublesome topics have taken over parents’ minds, so that they spend over five hours per day thinking about them.


And back-to-school season has only heightened these mental preoccupations. In fact, 71 percent of parents admitted that their worrying intensifies when their child starts their first day of classes.



But by being prepared for the school year, parents can help nip these school woes in the bud.


Check out our information on how to handle bullying, how to recognise if it’s happening to your child, and also what the best way to start the school year is. Preparation is a great way to ease stress as parents.


Worrying doesn’t have to be a full-time job.