Saying no too often will eventually make the word ineffective, thus making parenting a lot more difficult. But that's not all. Saying it too often also negatively affects your child’s language skills, making it even more important to be a little creative in your disciplining.


Instead of allowing your child do what they like in order to come across as a little more positive, there are plenty of ways you can still keep them in line:


1. Explain your feelings

Explaining your reason as to why your youngster can’t have something will help stop tantrums and cries of “I hate you”. If your little one is asking for ice cream before dinner telling them that have to eat something substantial before they have a treat will help them understand your reason.


2. Say yes, sort of

Keeping with the ice cream example, if your son or daughter asks you for a bowl but you don’t want them to have it yet, say:  “Yes, you can have ice cream after dinner”. Your little one will hear the word "yes" and "ice cream" and be content with your answer.


3. Rephrase your sentence

It is easy to shout “stop” and “don’t do that” when you see your little one is in danger, but try to rephrase it as “we have to walk when we are near the road” or “you can climb the tree to here.”



4. Be honest

If your youngster is biting or kicking you or someone else, instead of shouting “stop” explain that it is sore and not allowed. It will also make them re-think the next time they try to do it.


5. Loosen up on your rules

The more rules you have in your home the bigger the chance your little one is going to break one. Try to loosen up on the mount of restrictions you have such as letting them play in the living room or pick their own clothes, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your home life.


6.  Resolve conflict with good examples

If your child decides it’s a good idea to smash up their older sibling’s Lego house, instead of giving out to them go over and show them how to play properly. What looks like jealously to you may simply be their curiosity.