Technological skills are growing ever more important in our society and for our young people as they prepare for their futures.


The Leaving Cert's inclusion of computer science as a subject reflects that reality, the Irish Examiner reports.


This comes sooner than expected, as Education Minister Richard Bruton requested the subject's introduction be brought forward from 2019 when it was originally scheduled to come out.


40 schools will be teaching computer science come September.



Schools were invited to apply to be included in this initial stage of the subject's roll-out. Today the Minister announced which lucky institutions will be participating.


Those announced include over a dozen in Dublin and seven in Cork. 


"The value of computer science is much greater than the subject itself," Richard told Irish software research centre Lero last year.


"Taught well, it educates students in problem-solving, innovation and creativity. It also boosts career opportunities as students with an understanding of computer science are required across a diverse range of industries."



The students who will sit the exam in 2020 will also be the first in the State to experience online testing.


30 percent of the pupils' marks will come from coursework, while the other 70 percent will be derived from the computer-based exam.


Richard hopes that these students' efforts and the subject's implementation will help guide Ireland towards a better future.


"There is a digital revolution taking place, which is having a transformative effect on our economy, workplace, and lifestyle. In order to be the best in Europe, our education system must respond to these changes," Richard told the Irish Examiner.


We applaud the introduction of computer science to the Leaving Cert and hope to see many students given the chance to broaden their skill-set.