A young father recently came under fire in IKEA for making use of the parents room. 


Adam Edwards was shopping in a department store recently with his one-year-old twins, and four-year-old daughter, when he needed to use the toilet.


Rather than enter the men's bathroom with three babies in toe, Adam decided that using the parents room facility would be more convenient. 



As Adam left the room, he was confronted by a mother in the store who was not pleased with his use of the parent facility. 


Adam's wife, and mother to his three children, Tamika, spoke to Kidspot about the experience.


“She said something along the lines of ‘there are male toilets around the corner, you should use them. He was shocked and felt kind of belittled.”



Apparently, even after Adam informed the woman that he had his children in the room with him, she seemed unfazed and did not apologise. 


“We both thought it had something to do with him being a man,” she said, believing that Adam was targeted as a result of his gender. 



"It just isn’t fair! That’s what those rooms are there for, to help parents.”


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