Moving from primary school to secondary school is one of those big life events that most people in later life can recall quite clearly in one way or another. This article, will help point out some of the possible issues you as a parent may encounter and offer advice on how to make the transition as smooth as possible, for the whole family.

From a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a very big pond!
By the time your child reaches sixth class in primary school, they will be completely familiar with heir school, teachers and classmates. They probably know just about everyone to see in their school and are the most senior people in school so will be used to being entrusted with a little extra responsibility.
However, over the course of a summer holiday they will start a new school where they are now the most junior students in a strange school environment.  Change can be frightening for anyone but when your 12 or 13 it can be especially daunting.
As a parent you will be worried about how they are coping, but it’s important to remember that children are more resilient and adaptable then we are and within a few weeks, and with a little help from you, they will have forgotten their old school.