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How should I respond to my child's questions about being gay?

It’s good to be prepared for the possibility that your child may come to you with questions about their sexuality.  It’s common for teens to have doubts, mixed feelings or questions surrounding their sexuality.
While some teenagers may not feel comfortable confiding in their parents, if your teen does come to you, the first thing to do is to reassure them that their feelings are perfectly normal and quite common.
Your child should understand that lots of teens go through phases of doubting their sexuality and many people don’t realise they are gay until they are older.Speak to your child openly and honestly about being gay and reassure him or her that you love them no matter what.
If your child is gay, lesbian or bisexual then you also need to ensure that they know about safer sex messages, how to protect themselves against STIs and pregnancy.

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It's common for teens to have questions about their sexuality...
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