Nine-year-old Jimmy Crowe may have just won Brother of the Year with his heart-warming efforts.
Jimmy’s sister, Sarah has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Alper’s Syndrome, a progressive degenerative disease of the central nervous system.
At 11-years-old, Sarah is the world oldest surviving person with the syndrome.
The family have been receiving assistance from Cliona’s Foundation, an organisation which provides financial support to families with critically ill children across Ireland.
Because of all the help Cliona’s Foundation has given his sister, Jimmy wanted to help them raise money for his sister and all the other sick children in Ireland.
To do this, Jimmy donated his prized possession – a hurley signed by the 2013 All-Ireland winning Clare hurling team.
Cliona’s Foundation will be auctioning off the hurley in order to raise money, and are reaching out to pubs and other businesses who might be willing to bid for it.
The foundation has raised over €400,000 since its launch in 2007, all without government assistance, and have helped over 140 families.