Irish-made Lottie Dolls make the perfect Christmas gift for your cailíní

After the phenomenal success of #LoveDonegal, which reached audiences of over 50 million worldwide, the #DonegalConnect campaign officially launched on Friday, September 27.  

“Donegal Connect aims to entice people with Donegal connections around the world to visit, work, live, retire, invest or run their business here,” explains Garry Martin, director of economic development with Donegal County Council. 


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The campaign – a collaboration between the public and private sector - will roll out a programme of more than 60 events over 10 days. 

To coincide with #DonegalConnect, Lottie Dolls challenged creatives – from Faye Dinsmore to Studio Donegal – to hand-make outfits and accessories for the Donegal-designed toys. 

The designs were then photographed in landmark Donegal locations – from Slieve League to Fanad Lighthouse – to highlight the county’s creative talent and its beautiful scenery. 


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“Donegal has a rich tradition in design,” says Lottie Dolls’ co-founder, Ian Harkin. “My brother recently got married in Scotland and we rented kilts. When I looked at the label, they were made by Magee in Donegal. I travel a lot and always pack clothing that’s made in my home county: my favourite jacket is made by Triona in Ardara and I’ve got an amazing Edel McBride hoodie. When I heard about #DonegalConnect, I thought: let’s do something fun to promote Donegal design!”