Christmas is a particularly busy time of year as you try to fit in all the shopping and decorating, but it can be made worse when you have a number of little ones to keep happy and amused. Unfortunately, mums can often feel a little overwhelmed with the task at hand and it just adds to the stress.


Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to keep youngsters happy and amused; here are five things you can do:


Give them stuff to wrap

When you are wrapping your gifts, instead of waiting until your little one is in bed, get them involved and give them lots of things to wrap. Even if you don’t want them to wrap up the gifts for friends or family why not just let them wrap up the gifts for your other half or siblings.


Get them involved

The best way to keep your little one busy and supervised is to get them involved in what you are doing. If you are preparing the dinner or cleaning the house before visitors give your youngster some tomatoes to wash or a cloth to dust around the house.


Give them music to dance to

Pop on some Christmas music and let your little one show off their best dance moves. This is great if you are trying to get something done that they really can’t help with. You can also keep them in the same room as you so you know exactly what they are up to.


Plenty of challenging activities 

Jigsaws and blocks can keep kids amused for hours so place your little one down in front of a box of challenging activities and watch them try to figure things out. This is great for when you need a little peace and quiet to write cards etc.


Christmas books

Books are a great source of entertainment so why not get your little one into the Christmas spirit by giving them lots of festive picture books or play a CD story on your stereo.