Toilet training is a long and drawn out affair, one that can get frustrating over time, especially if your little one is a bit of a messer. So, to make your job and life easier, here are eight essential toilet training hacks that you need to know about:


Perfect their aim

If your little boy has been a little off with his aim of late, pour some Honey Loops into the toilet and tell him to direct his wee at them.


Schedule in toilet time

It is easy to forget to ask your little one do they need to go to the toilet, often being reminded after they have wet themselves. Stop this by setting a timer that will go off every hour or so.


Toilet roll mishaps

Unravelling the toilet roll probably gives your little one hours of enjoyment, and you a bit of a headache; stop them by turning the opening to face the wall.


Reward chart 

Kids love rewards but they can easily forget about their chart when they are playing around the house – so put one in every room. A little constant reminder to go to the toilet.


Clogging the toilet

Your little one has yet to master the skill of knowing how much toilet roll is too much so put a little mark on the wall underneath the roll to show how much they need to use.


Make the bathroom fun

If the only fun thing in the bathroom is the toilet roll, getting your little one to interrupt playtime to go in there might prove a little difficult, so make it fun. Put storybooks, a whiteboard that they can draw on or small toys that they can play with in there. You’ll struggle to get them out.


Don’t clean up on your own

Want them to stop wetting themselves? Have them clean it up with you. Before you cry cruelty this simple act will stick in their memory and they’ll try extra hard because nobody wants to be cleaning up wee all day long.


Protect the seats

A plastic mat on the couch and the car seat is a great way to protect them from little accidents.


Make up a toilet song  

Make up your own toilet training song and sing it every time they are doing their business or out and about so that it becomes familiar for them.