Outdoor play: The importance of encouraging your child to play outside

Outdoor play is very important for children. Encouraging little ones to play outside has many benefits that will have positive effects on them now and well into the future. 

Not only does playing outside have physical benefits for children, but also mental and social benefits too. 

There are many reasons that make children want to remain indoors these days, for example, watching the multitude of shows aimed at kids on television and the vast amount of children’s games and apps on iPads. But, making sure there is an element of time spent outdoors everyday is tremendously important for your child’s development. 

Below, we’ve shared our top 6 reasons why outdoor play should be encouraged for little ones.


Being outdoors allows children to explore new areas that they wouldn’t be able to inside. As nature is constantly changing between the seasons, unpredictable weather and different creatures in their natural habits, the amount of new experiences for your little one to enjoy and come up with their own play styles are endless.

Physical health

Having an outdoor area to run, jump and play around in will have a hugely positive physical impact on your child. Whether you have a garden or a local park to visit, allowing your child the freedom of movement can help with little ones building strong muscles and improving their overall health while reducing the risk of childhood obesity if they were to be sitting inside all day.

Social skills

Allowing children to play outside increases their chances of seeing other little ones that are the same age as them. Letting kids interact with their peers in the park or playground will help them build important social skills such as communication, sharing, teamwork and cooperation.

Motor skills

Young children can help improve their motor skills when playing outdoors as they get to work on understanding spatial awareness, coordination and balancing. They can refine these skills by running, riding a bike, climbing playground equipment or exploring new outside surroundings. 

Mental wellbeing

Playing outside can help improve a child’s mental well being. Between Covid lockdowns and school closures, children missed out on a lot of experiences and interactions which could’ve led to a higher chance of developing anxiety when finally getting to do these things. Encouraging children to connect with nature, play with others and appreciate the outdoors can decrease the chance of anxiety and depression when they get older. 

Healthy habits 

When little ones enjoy playing outside from a young age, they will associate the outdoors and movement with happiness and positivity, leading them to have a healthier lifestyle later in life as they already like spending time outside and in nature.