The playground is a whole load of fun for your toddler but not necessarily an enjoyable place for mum. Walking around after your little one, waiting for the slide and simply standing around while your youngster enjoys themselves can make for a - dare we admit it - boring few hours.
However, while you can’t get on the swing or go down the slide, there are ways that you too can get in on the fun as well. All you need to do is get up off the bench and put down that takeaway coffee.
Catch them coming down the slide
Stand at the end of the slide and try to catch your little one as they come down. When they slide into your arms, lift them up and twirl them around. Listen to them giggle and laugh. This can also be a good way for you to have a workout.
Go with other mums
The playground is a great place to meet other mums, so strike up a conversation with the person beside you. Break the ice by talking about the weather or asking their little one’s name. Simple conversations with other people can make the park more fun for you.
Get involved
Don’t just stand around waiting for your little one to finish on the climbing frame or doing the obstacle course, get involved. Try to chase them on the zip line, see how high you can push them on the swing and cheer them on while they try the climbing wall. If it is just you and your little one they are going to need some help on the seesaw. Sit on one side and pop your toddler on the other and use your legs to push up off the ground. Bet you can't even remember the last time you were on one. Try the monkey barsSeriously, these are a lot of fun. See how far you can go and have small challenges with your toddler.
Bring food 
Pack a picnic and some hot water flasks and have a bite to eat half way through play. This will break up the day a bit for you and will stop adults and childen becoming cranky because they have rumbly tummies.