Playing in the sand or playing with water is super fun outdoor activities for a toddler. Naturally, both of these activities require constant supervision. So, get in there and have fun with your toddler!
Sand Play
There are many sandboxes on the market today that are safe and age appropriate. Make sure to choose the proper one for your child and fill it with clean purchased sand. Sandboxes that have a lid are the best.
Use your imagination to make your toddlers sand time enjoyable and educational. Fill plastic cups with sand and empty them again. Bury a small toy in the sand and demonstrate finding it. Your toddler will soon be mimicking your actions. Tory cars and trucks are fun to play with in a sandbox. Your toddler can make roads and hills to drive the car on.
Water Play
Of course we know that bath time can be loads of fun for a toddler. But, the fun can continue outside in appropriate weather. You can purchase a small plastic pool that is meant for a toddler. Fill it with just a couple of inches of water and introduce toys. Make sure that you do not leave your toddler unattended for one second!
There are several household items that are fun for a toddler to play with in the water.
A simple sponge is a great toy. He will soak it and squeeze it over and over in amazement. You can also use several plastic items from your kitchen and have your toddler fill them up and dump them out.