Some stories are enough to leave the hairs standing on the back of our necks, and we can imagine turning to absolute jelly with the fear in certain emergencies.


This is why we are in total awe of Anylah Thompson, a 10-year-old girl who has been credited with saving the lives of her mother and her younger siblings this week.


According to news sources in Michigan, where the Thompson family lives, Anylah was travelling in her family car earlier this week when her mother began to suffer a seizure at the wheel.



Worried for her mother as well as her younger siblings, aged five and seven, Anylah remained level-headed and sprang into action. She managed to bring the car to a stop, then called the police to report the incident.


Authorities arrived on the scene shortly after, and all four family members were rushed to hospital for treatment. Anylah’s mother is said to be doing fine after the traumatic ordeal.


In an interview with local media, a police representative praised Anylah for her bravery.



“She was really a hero, was able to resolve this situation safely. She remained calm, probably better than I would expect most people to do,” the rep said.


What an amazing little girl. Well done to her.


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