While potty training is a big milestone for any parent, there are a few thoughts that go through some parent’s minds before they go on that big endeavour. Here are some realities as well as funny things that may occur whilst potty training toddlers:
Potty purchases
Shopping for the perfect potty can be hard, especially when the majority of toddlers are a little confused as to what is being purchased for them. It can be even harder for parents to know if they're buying the right potty for their tot, as the right potty will not only to make it an easy experience for their little one but will also create a positive environment for their child.
Taking off the nappy
While your toddler might not be overly enthusiastic about leaving the comfort of their nappy, it can be an even more upsetting milestone for parents. Parents don’t like seeing their little one upset but more importantly it officially confirms that their tot is no longer a baby and is finally growing up.
Toilet talk
Parents may like to use proper terminology or fun and easy words to describe their children's bathroom activities, but toilet talk is just another reality of potty training. But whatever you decide to use, you need to remember your little one will have no problem yelling these words when out in public. So it’s probably best to use something that will cause a little less embarrassment for you and your tot.
Potty mishaps
Potty training can be a long drawn out process and there will be many accidents along the way. So parents need to be prepared for everything that occurs.
Your toddler may still be in toilet training nappies but underwear purchases are just another shopping endeavour that you will have to do with your tot. Your toddler could rebel and choose not to wear the underwear you picked out for them in the first place, so again, it’s best to be prepared for any possible streaking from your tot.
Potty praise
While most of us are not used to receiving praise for going to the bathroom, parents will certainly be giving lots to their tots after their little one’s successful trips to the toilet. It might feel a little strange at first but toddlers need all the encouragement they can get when it comes to their potty training.
Potty training toddlers can be hard but nothing beats the feeling that parents have, once they see their little one going to the bathroom with no problems, all by themselves.