Hit TV show Thomas and Friends has introduced some huge changes. The kid’s TV show has introduced two new characters, which will make the show more gender-balanced. The creators hope it will inspire the new generation of viewers.


The programme has added two new trains, both of which are female, with one originating from Africa.


The show is based on the books by Rev Wilbert, however, the creators have decided to overhaul the show and bring in some fresh, new concepts.


It’s time to say goodbye to the famous Liverpudlian narrator, who was once voiced by Ringo Starr. It is understood that Thomas will break the fourth wall and narrate the series by himself. The train will now speak directly to the viewers.


Fans will also have to bid a fond farewell to the famous theme song that used to feature a roll-call of all the trains names.



One of the most notable changes is the fact that Thomas is set to leave the Island of Sodor to embark on his travels across the globe.


The episodes will be set in numerous countries including China, Australia and Africa. These episodes will support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


The show has decided to work with the United Nations in order to educate children about gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, life on land, responsible consumption and production and quality education.


Mattel, who own the rights to the hit series, believe these latest changes will be welcomed with open arms. The refreshing additions to the show are set to make grand improvements to its reputation.


In the past, people have had weak views of the programme. Numerous people felt like it was racist, sexist, as well as classist and anti-environmentalist.



The edits have been made based on the opinions of both parents and children who took part in market research which was conducted by Mattel.


This is the most dramatic overhaul on the show ever since the first episode aired back in 1984.


Series producer Ian McCue spoke to The Telegraph about the exciting changes, “Trains can go places but Thomas never goes anywhere. "We have done over 500 episodes and I don't think we could sustain just doing episodes on Sodor any longer. We wanted him to discover new things.”


The team behind the show hope fans will accept the new and improved additions to the show.


They admitted that they were nervous, but fully believe that the show will be far better than before.


The series will air in 2018.