Getting your child to listen to you can be a daily draining activity, but by remembering a few simple tricks you won’t have to repeat yourself over and over again.
  • Sit them down and tell them you will only repeat yourself once. After that, if they still refuse to listen, tell them there will be consequences.
  • Kids are easily distracted so if they are glued to the TV, simply step in front of it and their eyes will automatically revert to you.
  • Use simple words and get to the point quickly before you lose their attention.
  • Give them one task at a time and try not to interrupt them too much.
  • Use a gentle, direct reminder if they forget your request.
  • Don’t demand everything to be done now - give them time to get the job done.
  • Communicate close by and don’t shout from a different room.
  • Show your kids the same respect you would want from them. For instance, if they are watching a television show wait until the ads are on - you would ask them to do the same for you.
Always lead by example, if you are always responding to requests from your kids with ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ why should you expect any different from them?