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What are some ideas for fun play dates?

Setting up a play date with other children is a great way to get your child ready for socializing. This is also time for you to socialize too with other parents as your child plays.

When setting up a play date, try to see which kid your child shows interest in, or if your child is old enough to communicate, ask him who he would like to invite over. The child you invite over for a play date does not have to be the same age as your child. In fact, having an older child over could have great advantages. The older child will help teach and guide your child how to play, and may love that he is the “older” child.

Try to keep your play dates to one child at a time. If you have too many children over at once for a play date, it will get crowded and some children may feel left out. When having too many children over, it also becomes difficult for children to share with each other and may create a meltdown.

You may want to limit the time your child spends on his play date. An hour is great for a first time visit and two hours it plenty of time once the children get used to each other. If you exceed that time limit you may have two bored and tired children on your hands that will start to get upset; possibly with each other.

While having your play date the children may want snacks. Be sure to ask the other parent if their child has any food allergies or if they are a picky eater. Knowing what their child likes can make your snack preparations easy.

Having play dates are great for your child and will help them learn to socialise and play with others.

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