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What is a crèche?

If you’re a working parent, then your child will probably need to attend crèche at some point. Crèche is another name for day care, and it’s usually a facility that operates from early in the morning (sometimes as early as 7 a.m.) to late in the evening (usually around 6:30 p.m.).

Crèches may incorporate other types of education, such as Montessori classes, but generally, they offer structured educational care for children aged from around four months, until at least school going age. Many also offer after school care for older children too.

In a crèche environment, children will be divided into classes based on age, with each one having a teacher (or teachers) and several assistants, depending on the number of children. Each of these rooms or classes will have their own eating, sleeping, learning and play routines and processes.

Most crèches offer children breakfast, snacks and lunches, and some may even offer a drop and collect service. Many also offer part time care options for children who only need to be looked after for five hours or less each day. They are also open all year round, so parents who work needn’t worry that they won’t have someone to care for their children over school holidays.

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