There is nothing quite like the fear when you suddenly realise your toddler has dropped their favourite toy and now you can’t find it. To avoid the bedtime tantrum and heartbreaking tears, there are a few things you can do to make your little one feel a lot better.
Check everywhere
Seriously, if finding the toy is important you need to check everywhere you went that day, starting from when you got up in the morning. Recreate your steps and follow the same path you walked earlier that day. If you went to the shops ask at reception if it was handed in or if you were at the park head to all the activities that your little one went on.
Buy a replicate
We know it is not the most honest way to do things, but right now all your toddler wants is to hug their favourite toy as they go to sleep. Put your guilt to one side and pick up another in the shop.
Be honest
Tell your toddler that you don’t have their favourite toy anymore but that they have plenty of other teddies that they can cuddle, who have been feeling left out. While they will be initially upset, avoid telling them that he has gone away for the day unless you are 100% sure you can either get a replica or find it. Otherwise they will just ask for it every night and it will prolong the distress.
Get them involved in looking
Get your little one involved in the search party, following your steps that you both took that day. Ask your youngster where they may have dropped it, and include them in the search. If this isn’t possible, make sure your son or daughter knows that you have had a good proper look for it. Tell them exactly where you looked explaining how you went over the steps you both took. 
Acknowledge that it is gone  
It is important you acknowledge that it is indeed gone. Why not have a little goodbye party so that your little one can move on from the missing toy and give their love to another one.