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Your Toddler Month 17

At 17 months of age your toddler is becoming more vocal, more independent and a great little help around the house. Morning naps are slowly running their course and activities such as playing ball and dancing become daily exercise for mum and toddler.

Your Child’s Development

Your Child’s Development
At 17 months of age, your toddler has plenty to say for himself as he begins to pull sentences together, with much of it also making sense. He is also asserting his independence as he tries to help you with every job you try to do around the house, like folding the washing, emptying the dishwater or washing the car. It's a good thing to encourage as it makes your toddler feel good about himself, and as he does not yet realise there is a difference between work and play,  you should  enjoy this time and use it to show him how to help you clear his toys away and to 'tidy up'.
Climbing and getting into everything possible is high on the list of to do's of your 17 month old, and also including a requirement that he does everything by himself, like feeding, dressing or climbing the stairs and sofa. It's never going to be possible to allow him to do everything themselves at this stage, there often isn't the time and many times it's just too dangerous for them to try alone, but allowing him some leeway is a good idea. Tantrums at this age can be frequent, so if he wants to have a go at feeding and dressing himself, and as long as you can make time, then there is no problem. Try to distract or avoid other times when it's just not possible to allow him do what he wants; keeping the stair gate closed so as to avoid having to actually say 'no' it all the time can be helpful. Be mindful of climbers who try to escape from the cot - lower the mattress and keep the rail up at all times. If your toddler can still climb from the cot, it is time to consider a bed.
The morning nap will soon become a thing of the past for your energetic toddler, and it can be a tough time for mum and toddler as you try to balance out the requirement for a rest during the day and also keeping them in their bedtime routine. The easiest way to approach it is to try to change to one slightly longer nap in the middle of the day, rather than the morning and afternoon snooze. Of course some toddlers still want both, which is fine for now so if that's the case, you should go with it, as long as bedtime is not being effected.



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