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Your Toddler Month 16

At 16 months you can expect fun filled days with your wonderful toddler as she fine tunes her running and getting into mischief. Tantrums can be a feature and are normal at this age, but focus on enjoying the precious time spent having fun colouring or reading her favourite book.

Your Child’s Development

Your Child’s Development
At 16 months old, your toddler is now walking well, and could well be running, and is most definitely climbing and generally getting into more things and places than you want her to.
At the same time however, she may have grown a fear of loud noises that startle her, and being around people that she is not familiar with - take note when you're out shopping and the nice lady at the counter tries to engage with her but to no avail, and in fact often creates a few tears. But this is all very normal behaviour. If she is reacting to loud noises such as the hoover or a burst balloon, some re-assurance from mum's voice to tell her it's OK and to explain what the noise is along with plenty of hugs and kisses will put her at ease and she will eventually learn that these noises are not harmful. The same reassurance when she encounters a stranger will also help ease her into these situations too.
At this age, some toddlers can start to show a preference for being around mum instead of dad, again this is normal, but isn't much fun for dad, so it's important that mum takes a step back occasionally to ensure dad can take over and have fun with her.
Speaking of fun, your 16 month old will love spending time scribbling with a crayon and paper, she also enjoys playing peekaboo. For quieter times she will love nothing more than sitting down to read a book with mum or dad. Toddlers love reading the same book time and again, turning the pages and finding familiar colours, shapes and animals on the pages.



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