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Cheap fun with my toddler: what are my options?

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to make your toddler happy. There are so many things that your child will delight in that are low-cost or free. Here are some suggestions:

Let her do something that she is normally not allowed to do. Get all the old magazines in the house and sit with her in the middle of the floor and let her rip them to shreds. Join in with her and soon you both will be laughing out loud!

Why spend money at the zoo, when the dog park is just as exciting to a toddler? Toddlers love dogs! Just make sure that you are in a safe location such as behind a fence, or that you know the dog’s behaviours.

Go for a ride! Not in the car though. Go on the trams or trains (if in Dublin, use the DART from Dublin to Greystones – you’ll enjoy it too!). And don’t forget the bus. Riding a bus is cheap and really exciting for a toddler.

Go to the airport. What toddler doesn’t like airplanes? Most airports have lounges to sit and watch planes take off and land or there may be a carpark close to the airport where you can watch. Pack a lunch and make an afternoon of it!

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